Hi, I am Rahul
Founder of NamesPilot.com

Med student by day, online biz builder by night. Rahul here, leveraging my passion for online business to earn real income alongside medical school. Now I help others do the same.

I have been featured in various media outlets such as GoBankingRates, Yahoo Finance & more.

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My Story: How a medical student with a passion for business ended up founding NamesPilot.

I never imagined I’d one day be running my own business blog. As a final-year medical student, I thought I had my future pretty mapped out – finish med school, start residency, and become a doctor. But my lifelong interest in entrepreneurship and business eventually led me down an unexpected path.

Even as a kid, I was always coming up with small business ideas, from lemonade stands to selling homemade greeting cards around the neighborhood. I’ve always had a creative spark and drive to build something of my own. Of course, as I got older my business ideas matured, but that innate passion never faded.

My First Business Revenue from Digistore
My First Business Revenue from Digistore

Throughout college, I started dabbling in some online ventures – selling digital products like templates, affiliate marketing, and building niche sites. Nothing too serious, just testing the waters of entrepreneurship. But I was hooked – I loved the thrill of getting an online business up and running and seeing that first sale come in.

Screenshot of My Consistent Business Income (Payoneer Account)
My Consistent Business Income (Payoneer Account)

By my final year of medical school, I had a growing collection of small online businesses bringing in supplementary income. But I wanted to take things to the next level. I decided to take a big risk – I launched NamesPilot, my own business blog focused on branding, business ideas, and entrepreneurship.

Screenshot of Adsense showing my income of $136 from my niche site business.
Screenshot of Adsense Showing My Income of $136 From My Niche Site Business.

It was scary leaving the safe path of medicine to pursue my business interests. But with the support of my family, I took the leap. I began sharing everything I learned from my entrepreneurial journey so far. To my surprise and delight, the blog started gaining traction, and the income began growing.

Now, just two years since launching NamesPilot, it has become my full-time focus. I still have a long way to go, but seeing those first affiliate commission payments come in and the blog’s traffic slowly climbing has been so rewarding.

Screenshot of my Notion Template Business of $11
Screenshot of My Notion Template Business of $11

My journey has been unexpected, challenging, but ultimately fulfilling. I’m thrilled to be running a business blog I’m passionate about, and I’m excited to see where this entrepreneurial adventure takes me next. There’s nothing quite like bringing your ideas to life and sharing them with others.

So that’s my story! From med student to biz blogger. I can’t wait to continue chronicling my journey here and helping others bring their business dreams to reality too.