9+ Smart Places to Leave Your Business Cards (Get Noticed!)

Struggling to generate new leads for your business?

Don’t let valuable networking opportunities pass you by.

Discover clever spots beyond stale networking events to connect with potential customers.

Places to Leave Your Business Cards
9 Places to Leave Your Business Cards

Read on to unlock simple yet effective ways to get your business cards in front of fresh new contacts.

Top 10 Places to Leave Business Cards

1Networking EventsGreat for connecting with many potential clients/partners in a short time.
2ConferencesOpportunities to network with attendees from your industry.
3Trade ShowsInteract with many prospects who are interested in your products/services.
4SeminarsMeet people interested in your expertise and looking for solutions.
5ReceptionsMore informal networking where you can mingle and share cards.
6MeetupsFind people with common interests who may need your services.
7Co-working SpacesNetwork with other professionals who may refer clients.
8Coffee ShopsStrike up conversations that lead to sharing your card.
9GymsMeet potential clients who you see regularly there.
10Events Related to Your IndustryTargeted networking where you’ll encounter prospects.

19 Best Places to Leave Business Cards

Public Places

Bulletin Boards

Business Cards on Bulletin Boards
Bulletin Boards

Community bulletin boards in public locations like libraries, community centers, coffee shops, and grocery stores are great spots to pin your business cards.

Choose boards that are high-traffic and frequented by your target customers.

Pinning cards on boards related to your industry or services gives them maximum visibility.


Libraries often have community boards and spaces to share local information.

See if you can leave a stack of cards at the front desk or reference areas.

You may also be able to put up flyers promoting your business or services on their boards.

The high volume of traffic makes libraries an ideal spot.

Coffee Shops

Business Cards on Coffee Shops
Coffee Shops

Coffee shops and cafes are hubs for professionals and remote workers.

Find ones near business parks or with workspaces.

Ask the manager if you can leave a stack of cards by the sugar and cream station, on community boards, or on table tops.

Don’t forget to offer the staff cards too.

Community Centers

Recreation centers, YMCAs, classes, and community events attract engaged locals.

Ask about providing cards at the front desk or class sign-ins.

See if you can sponsor classes or events in exchange for promoting your business.


Business Cards on Gyms

Gyms and fitness centers contain multitudes of potential contacts.

Ask about providing cards at the front desk or in locker rooms.

See if you can put up flyers promoting specialty services or discounts for members.


Laundromats are filled with people with time on their hands.

Providing a stack of cards or flyers is a clever way to get noticed. You can also offer special discounts for laundromat customers to incentivize contact.


Business Cards on Malls

Find malls filled with your target demographic and ask about providing cards by directories, benches, or the food court.

See if any digital advertising or flyers can be displayed promoting your business.


Public restrooms get heavy foot traffic throughout the day.

Find restrooms at malls, events, conference centers, parks, and other locations frequented by your audience.

Ask permission to provide business cards by sinks, mirrors, and paper towel dispensers.

15 Places to Leave Your Business Cards Infographic
15 Places to Leave Your Business Cards


Related Businesses

Partner with complementary businesses to cross-promote.

A fitness coach could leave cards at nutrition shops. A dog walker at pet stores.

Ask to leave a stack of cards by registers or provide joint discounts to build reciprocal marketing.

Complementary Businesses

businesses that complement
Complementary Businesses

Seek out businesses that complement but don’t directly compete with you.

Their customers are likely your potential clients too.

A caterer could partner with event spaces, DJs, or photographers. Offer value-adds through joint promotions.

Local Businesses

Tap into neighborhood shops, even if they aren’t in your industry.

A pet groomer could provide cards at the local cafe, realtor’s office, garden center, etc.

Neighborhood promotion builds community connections.

Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce

The local Chamber of Commerce wants to support area businesses.

Joining provides access to shared marketing and networking events.

Use their visitor centers and materials to promote your cards and flyers.

Hotel Lobbies

Hotels attract visitors and business travelers to your area.

Ask about providing cards at the front desk, business center, or concierge.

Coordinate with hospitality businesses to tap into this built-in audience.


Busy restaurants attract captive diners. Ask to provide cards on tables, bars, host stands, or bathrooms.

Coordinate specials or discounts with restaurants to incentivize contact. Target venues that attract your audience.

Events and conferences

Networking Events

Having cards at in-person networking events is crucial. Come prepared with crisp cards and an elevator pitch.

Connect your expertise to others’ needs. Follow up within 24 hours while it’s fresh.

Trade Shows

Business Cards on Trade Shows
Trade Shows

Trade show booths allow focused promotion to your niche. Prepare cards, brochures, and promotional giveaways.

Capture contact info through drawings, discounts, or giveaways. Follow up promptly to stand out.


Look for speaking opportunities at industry conferences or sponsorship packages with card distribution.

Attendee bags, seats, vendor booths, lounges, and bathrooms are prime real estate for exposure.


Business Cards on Seminars

Position yourself as an expert by hosting free seminars or workshops. Require RSVPs to capture lead info.

Have cards readily available for attendees. Follow up with valuable content to foster relationships.


Join industry or niche meetup groups to network in smaller settings. Come prepared with ample cards and an introduction.

Share your expertise and experiences. Follow up to build connections.

Top 5 Locations to Avoid Leaving Business Cards

1RestaurantsPeople are there to eat, not network. Could be seen as intrusive.
2Retail StoresShoppers want to browse, not be solicited.
3Doctor’s OfficesPatients are focused on their health, not business.
4Places of WorshipGenerally not appropriate to promote business there.
5WeddingsDon’t detract from the event with unsolicited cards.

12 Creative Places to Leave Business Cards

On Products

Coffee Sleeves

Partner with coffee shops to print your card info or coupons on sleeves.

This clever branding hits every customer.

Provide discount codes on sleeves to track response.

Book Covers

Libraries, bookstores, co-ops, or other literary spots are ideal for book cover stickers with your card info.

Target genres matching your audience’s interests.

Sponsors also get their info displayed.

Shopping Bags

Grocery and retail outlets need sponsor partnerships.

Negotiate deals to have your cards or flyers printed right on shopping bags.

Repeat views make an impression on shoppers.

Product Packaging

Explore partnerships to have cards enclosed in product packaging.

Subscription boxes, local shops, or aligned brands are options.

The targeted reach provides high value.

In places where people wait


Anywhere with long wait times, like the DMV, presents opportunities.

Ask if you can provide flyers, posters, or a card display. Alleviate boredom while promoting your business.


Airports have high circulation and dwell time, with gates, lounges, and baggage claims as prime spots.

Negotiate deals with bars, stores, or lounges to provide cards during downtime.

Bus Stops

Take advantage of commuter audiences waiting for public transportation.

Ask to place cards with schedules or on benches. Target stops in your customer traffic patterns.

Importance of Business Cards
Importance of Business Cards

In places where people are bored

Hair Salons

People spend hours in hair salons waiting their turn. Offer cards at check-ins, waiting areas, and stations.

Cater your services to what clients need – dog walkers, cleaners, etc.

Nail Salons

Nail salons also involve significant waiting.

Provide your cards on tables or by polished displays. Appeal to bored clients stuck waiting for services to complete. Pedicures take even longer!

Dentist’s Offices

Leverage waiting areas and hygiene rooms to provide cards.

Partner with dentists for special dental-related offers. Waiting feels eternal to anxious patients – capitalize on that.

Car Washes

Long automatic car washes create downtime.

Ask to post flyers with cards or partner with upsells like interior cleaning services. Give customers something to read.

Tips for leaving business cards

Be Selective About Placement

Avoid scattering cards randomly.

Be strategic by placing them where your ideal audience gathers.

Tailor locations to your niche. Complementary businesses and community hubs are smart choices.

Make Them Visible

Make sure cards are visible in clever spots where people will notice them.

Place them in high-traffic paths, common waiting areas, service counters, or community boards.

Catch their eye with the smart presentation.

1. Have a memorable cardWell-designed with key info helps your card stand out.
2. Personalize with a noteAdd a handwritten message to make more meaningful.
3. Follow upEmail, call, or connect on social media after sharing your card.
4. Offer your card, don’t imposeLet people opt-in to taking your card.
5. Be strategicFocus on high-value locations and interactions.

Keep Cards Crisp

Take pride in your professional image by only leaving clean, crisp cards with updated logos and details.

Keep multiple stacks on hand so you always have pristine cards ready to distribute.

First impressions matter.

Personalize When Possible

Hand-write short notes on cards when able, so they stand out.

Personalize with the recipient’s name, where you met them, or custom offers.

This extra effort builds meaningful connections.

Follow Up

Don’t just leave a card and expect magic.

Promptly follow up within 24 hours if possible.

Reference where you left the card, and offer to answer questions or provide helpful resources.

5 Tips for Leaving Business Cards Infographic
5 Tips & Tricks for Leaving Business Cards

Traditional Places to Leave Business Cards

  • In-Person Meetings: Having ample business cards on hand for any in-person client or networking meetings is a must.

Come prepared to share contact information. Follow up within 24 hours.

  • Networking Events: Always have freshly printed cards at networking events and trade organization meetings.

Routinely exchange cards with new people you meet to expand your reach.

  • Conferences and Trade Shows: Major industry events allow targeted promotion with cards. Prepare cards along with brochures, flyers, and giveaways.

Capture leads for immediate follow-up.

Neighborhood networking builds community recognition.

  • Libraries and Centers: Libraries, rec centers, clubs, and community hubs keep flyers and cards.

Ask about providing them with bulletin boards or front desks.

Ask eateries if you can add cards onsite to tap foot traffic.

  • Gyms and Fitness Centers: Gyms offer prime reach for personal trainers, massage therapists, nutritionists, or sports companies.

Ask to provide cards at welcome desks or locker rooms.

  • Hotels and Resorts: Hotels contain captive audiences of visitors and business travelers.

Ask to provide cards at check-ins, concierge desks, lobbies, or lounges.

  • Public Transportation: Ask transit companies if you can include cards, flyers, or posters at bus stops, train stations, airports, or along the routes.

Target spots based on your audience flow.

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FAQs on Places to Leave Business Cards

Where Is the Ideal Place to Keep Your Business Cards?

The ideal place to keep your business cards is in a business card holder in your pocket, briefcase or purse for easy access when networking.

Can You Leave Business Cards in Public?

It’s legal to leave business cards in public places like cafes, though you may want to ask first. Leaving cards unsolicited can seem intrusive.

Is It Legal to Leave Business Cards on Cars?

Leaving cards on cars without consent could be considered littering in some areas. Check local laws before doing this.

How Do You Hand Out Business Cards to Strangers?

Hand out cards to strangers only when relevant to the situation, like at a conference or networking event. Cold calling with cards can seem pushy.

Is It Illegal to Leave Business Cards in Mailboxes?

It’s illegal to leave cards in private mailboxes per USPS regulations. Use proper direct mail services instead.

Is Leaving a Business Card Soliciting?

Leaving a business card is generally not considered soliciting. But repeatedly leaving cards could potentially cross into harassment.

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